We've Come For You All

Tracks: 14, total time: 49:29, year: 2003, genre: Metal

1.1:20    Contact
2.4:13    What Doesn't Die
3.4:08    Superhero
4.3:24    Refuse To Be Denied
5.5:59    Safe Home
6.5:53    Any Place But Here
7.3:02    Nobody Knows Anything
8.3:36    Strap It On
9.2:43    Black Dahlia
10.3:45    Cadillac Rock Box
11.3:15    Taking The Music Back
12.1:02    Crash
13.5:14    Think About An End
14.1:56    W.C.F.Y.A. (We've Come For You All)

Category: rock - Discid: d10b970e

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