The Continuing Story Of...

Tracks: 18, total time: 79:39, year: , genre:

Made for the one and only Boom Boom Dimple Bunny.

1.2:01Blur / Song 2
2.3:25The Offspring / Want You Bad
3.2:54The Poor / Only The Night
4.2:55Motorhead / Dirty Love
5.4:20Skid Row / Monkey Business
6.3:08Thin Lizzy / Cold Sweat
7.8:34Metallica / Master Of Puppets
8.6:27Metallica / Welcome Home (Sanitarium)
9.4:57Thin Lizzy / Thunder And Lightning
10.5:15Motley Crue / Power To The Music
11.3:37White Zombie / Super Charger Heaven
12.4:20Marilyn Manson / User Friendly
13.6:35Metallica / The Thing That Should Not Be
14.5:12Metallica / Battery
15.3:30Skid Row / Slave To The Grind
16.3:07Megadeth / Moto Psycho
17.4:44Motley Crue / Kickstart My Heart
18.4:45Alice In Chains / Grind

Discid: rock / d012a912

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