The Live Sacrament

Tracks: 14, total time: 66:15, year: 2020, genre: Power Metal

1.6:28Fire And Forgive (live)
2.4:43Incense And Iron (live)
3.3:58Amen And Attack (live)
4.4:26Demons Are a Girl's Best Friend (live)
5.4:47Killers with the Cross (live)
6.5:13Armata Strigoi (live)
7.4:47Blessed And Possessed (live)
8.4:27Where the Wild Wolves Have Gone (live)
9.3:59Resurrection by Erection (live)
10.4:51Stossgebet (live)
11.3:52All We Need Is Blood (live)
12.3:55We Drink Your Blood (live)
13.5:27Werewolves of Armenia (live)
14.5:24Lupus Dei (live)

Discid: rock / d00f850e

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