Al Green

What makes the world go 'round?

Tracks: 16, total time: 63:09, year: 2007, genre: Soul

YEAR: 2007

1.2:53Tired of being alone
2.3:48I can't get next to you
3.2:25What am I gonna do with myself
4.5:08Love and happiness
5.3:07Look what you done for me
6.4:17Here I am (come and take me)
7.3:29It ain't no fun to me
8.6:25How can you mend a broken heart?
9.3:46Take me to the river
10.3:19Let's stay together
11.3:59Are you lonely for me baby
12.5:35Let's get married
13.3:06One woman
14.3:04Call me (come back home)
15.3:19Old time lovin'
16.5:32Funny how time slips away

Discid: rock / cf0ecb10

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