(17jan98)- Rosemont Horizont, Chicago, USA

Tracks: 15, total time: 71:48, year: 1998, genre: Rock

YEAR: 1998

1.1:5601- Noel Gallagher interview
2.5:0502- Be Here Now
3.5:3603- Stand By Me
4.5:2804- Supersonic
5.4:1805- Roll With It
6.6:2706- D'You Know What I Mean?
7.4:4707- Cigarettes And Alcohol
8.4:1908- Don't Go Away (acoustic)
9.4:2009- Talk Tonight
10.3:4410- To Be Someone (The Jam cover, acoustic)
11.6:3311- Slide Away (acoustic)
12.4:4712- Don't Look Back In Anger
13.4:1613- Wonderwall
14.4:3614- Live Forever
15.5:4115- Acquiesce

Discid: rock / ce10d20f

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