!Hero-The Rock Opera Soundtrack

Tracks: 16, total time: 54:57, year: 2003, genre: Opera

1.5:20Hero-Urchins-Maggie-Agent Hunter / Leave Here
2.2:48Agent Hunter-Maggie / Stand By You
3.1:37Agent Hunter / Say The Word
4.3:21Jude / Intentions
5.3:38Petrov-Jude-Maggie / Finally Home
6.2:09Hero-Kai / Not In Our House
7.3:00Agent Hunter / Murder On Their Minds
8.3:50Petrov / Party In The House Today
9.1:54Hero / In Remembrance Of Me
10.5:01Jude-Devlin / Shadowman
11.2:38Hero / Hero's Agony
12.4:18Hero / I Am
13.6:01Kai-Pilate-Agent Hunter / Kill The Hero
14.3:59Urchins-Thugs-Jude-Maggie-Mama Mary / Execute-Intentions (Reprise)-Hero (Reprise)-Lose My Life With You (Reprise)
15.3:42Janitor-Maggie / He's Not Here
16.1:45Agent Hunter / The Truth Comes Out

Discid: rock / cc0cdf10

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