Alternate Calling All Stations

Tracks: 13, total time: 71:11, year: 1998, genre: Progressive Rock

1.4:24    Shipwrecked (different vocals and guitars)
2.5:12    Congo (long ending diff mix)
3.7:50    Alien Afternoon (different ending guitar solo)
4.4:43    Not About Us (alternate mix)
5.5:17    Small Talk (no effect long version)
6.5:51    Calling All Stations (alternate long version)
7.5:11    If That's What You Need (different mix)
8.8:42    One Man's Fool (alternate vocal version)
9.5:09    Sign Your Life Away (alternate demo version)
10.4:58    Run Out Of Time (alternate demo version)
11.4:09    Papa He Said (non album track)
12.4:26    Banjo Man (non album track)
13.5:22    7/8 -Instrumental- (non album track)

Category: rock - Discid: c610ad0d

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