Bryan Adams

2021 mp3 Favorites 1

Tracks: 16, total time: 61:26, year: 2021, genre: Rock

YEAR: 2021

1.3:12Hidin' From Love
2.3:45Lonely Nights
3.3:29Coming Home
4.3:49You Want It You Got It
5.4:33Take Me Back
6.3:26Straight From The Heart
7.2:58The Best Was Yet To Come
8.3:49Run To You
10.2:36Kids Wanna Rock
11.3:50Long Gone
12.3:11Can't Stop This Thing We Started
13.4:38All For Love (w Rod Stewart & Sting)
14.6:13Let's Make A Night To Remember
15.4:26Back To You
16.2:54Go Down Rockin'

Discid: rock / c60e6410

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