Acetates, Singles & EP Tracks

Tracks: 30, total time: 79:21, year: 2014, genre: Rock & Roll

YEAR: 2014

1.2:20    Chicago Calling (as Art Wood Combo)
2.2:53    Hoochie Coochie Man (as Art Wood Combo)
3.2:41    Talkin' 'bout You (as Art Wood Combo)
4.2:02    Kansas City (as Art Wood Combo)
5.2:54    Sweet Mary
6.2:04    If I Ever Get My Hands on You
7.2:53    Oh My Love
8.2:09    Big City
9.2:54    Goodbye Sisters
10.2:30    She Knows What to Do
11.2:55    I Take What I Want
12.2:49    I'm Looking for a Saxophonist Doubling French Horn Wearing Size 37 Boots
13.2:47    These Boots Are Made for Walkin'
14.3:12    A Taste of Honey
15.3:01    Our Man Flint
16.3:07    Routine
17.2:46    I Feel Good
18.3:31    Molly Anderson's Cookery Book
19.2:53    What Shall I Do
20.3:07    In The Deep End
21.2:57    Brother Can You Spare a Dime (as St. Valentine's Day Massacre)
22.2:45    Al's Party - (as St. Valentine's Day Massacre)
23.2:21    Smack Dab in the Middle
24.1:20    Interview
25.2:52    Goodbye Sisters
26.2:30    She Knows What to Do
27.2:59    Can You Hear Me
28.0:53    Interview
29.3:02    I Take What I Want
30.2:25    Jump Back

Category: rock - Discid: c412971e

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