Burning - live

Tracks: 18, total time: 71:38, year: , genre: rock

1.3:49Johnson`s aeroplane
2.3:26The one thing
3.3:44Love is (what I say)
4.4:20Kiss the dirt
5.3:36I send a message
6.3:13Shine like it does
7.3:17Good & bad times
8.4:38Dancing on the Jetty
9.3:06This time
10.3:40Listen like thieves
11.5:41Burn for you
12.2:42What you need
13.5:18The original sin
14.2:59One X one
15.5:21Don`t change
16.4:29Same direction
17.4:33Black & white
18.3:42The swing

Discid: rock / c410c812

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