"...and we all sing along like before" A Tribute to Del Amitri

Tracks: 15, total time: 59:56, year: 2001, genre: Rock

A Tribute to Del Amitri by their fans. With a heavy contribution from theOpposite View Mailing List.

1.4:02Deceive Yourself (In Ignorant Heaven)
2.5:00No Holding On
3.4:09When I Want You
4.4:27Sleep Instead of Teardrops
5.4:24When You Were Young
6.4:39Drowned on Dry Land
7.4:18Opposite View
9.2:55What I Think She Sees
10.2:53Heard Through A Wall
11.2:47Don't I Look Like the Kind of Guy You Used to Hate?
12.4:41Lighten Up the Load
13.3:37Tell Her This
14.4:10Fred Partington's Daughter
15.3:59This Side of the Morning

Discid: rock / c40e0a0f

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