Tori Amos - Dew Drop Inn Boulder Disc 2

Tracks: 14, total time: 72:58, year: , genre:

This is the second disc of a two-cd set of Tori Amos' last
night of the Dew Drop Inn Tour in Boulder Colorado, on
11/11/96. Tracks 1-5 are from that night, tracks 6-14 are
from the previousnight 11/10/96 in Boulder as well.

1.4:24    Landslide
2.5:59    China
3.5:38    Tear in Your Hand
4.3:21    Daniel
5.4:37    Hey Jupiter
6.5:27    Yes Anastasia
7.5:15    Hurt/Bells for Her
8.5:25    Father Lucifer
9.8:35    Little Earthquakes
10.3:15    Take to the Sky
11.6:24    Mother
12.6:24    Crucify
13.4:33    She's Leaving Home
14.3:44    Baker Baker

Category: rock - Discid: c111180e

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