The Sound Stage Orchestra with the Children's Showcase Singers/ The Best 101 Children's Songs (Disc 3)

Tracks: 31, total time: 61:19, year: 1988, genre: Other

YEAR: 1988

1.1:51Riddle Song
2.4:14Rubber Duckie
3.1:58Sailing Sailing
4.1:34Seeing Nellie Home
5.2:41Sesame Street Theme
6.1:18Seven Days of the Week
7.1:52She'll Be Coming Round the Mountain
8.1:56She Wore a Yellow Ribbon
9.1:39Shoo Fly
10.1:32Shortnin' Bread
11.1:19Sing a Song of Sixpence
12.1:19Skip to My Lou
13.2:37Sounds of Words
14.2:30Subtracting Numbers
15.1:27Sweet and Low
16.1:43Take Me Out to the Ball Game
17.1:42Ten Little Indians
18.2:07This Old Church
19.1:44This Old Man
20.1:15Three Blind Mice
22.2:13Turkey in the Straw
23.1:53Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
24.1:57Where is Thumbkin
25.1:00Where Oh Where Has My Little Dog Gone
26.2:05While Strolling Thru the Park
27.2:17Whistle While You Work
28.2:26Who's Afraid of the Big Bad Wolf
29.1:38Yankee Doodle
30.1:58Yellow Rose of Texas
31.2:51Yellow Submarine

Discid: rock / c10e5d1f

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