Carlos Santana


Tracks: 15, total time: 47:05, year: 1979, genre: Rock

1.0:40    The chosen hour
2.2:12    Arise awake
3.0:41    Light versus darkness
4.3:44    Jim Jeannie
5.0:44    Transformation day
6.4:24    Victory
7.4:15    Silver dreams golden smiles
8.3:16    Cry of the wilderness
9.3:11    Guru's song
10.6:26    Oneness
11.5:19    Life is just a passing paradise
12.2:22    Golden dawn
13.3:19    Free as the morning sun
14.1:31    I am free (except for the Soul-Bird)
15.5:03    Song for devadip

Category: rock - Discid: c00b070f

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