The Rubber Soul Project CD 1

Tracks: 15, total time: 44:51, year: 1996, genre: Rock

YEAR: 1996

1.2:36    All Together on the Wireless Machine
2.2:28    Home
3.2:47    Little Eddie
4.3:54    I Should Like to Live up a Tree
5.2:52    Shirley's Wild Accordeon
6.3:12    Colliding Circles
7.2:17    What's the New Mary Jane
8.2:19    Heather
9.2:51    When I Come to Town
10.3:02    Bound by Love
11.4:26    Indian Rope Trick
12.2:25    Four Nights in Moscow
13.2:35    Thinking of Linking
14.3:38    Watching Rainbows
15.3:33    Rubber Soul

Category: rock - Discid: bf0a810f

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