The Beatles

Another Tracks Of `Please Please Me´ (Disc 2)

Tracks: 31, total time: 72:28, year: , genre: Rock

1.2:54    I Saw Her Standing There
2.1:49    Misery
3.2:57    Anna (Go To Him)
4.2:25    Chains
5.2:26    Boys
6.2:25    Ask Me Why
7.2:00    Please Please Me
8.2:19    Love Me Do
9.2:03    P.S. I Love You
10.2:41    Baby It´s You
11.1:56    Do You Want To Know A Secret?
12.2:04    A Taste Of Honey
13.1:49    There´s A Place
14.2:36    Twist And Shout
15.2:25    Love Me Do (Ringo´s Play Drums Take)
16.3:10    I Saw Her Standing There (1962 Rehearsal At Cavern)
17.2:27    I Saw Her Standing There (1962 Star Club)
18.2:12    Twist And Shout (1962 Star Club)
19.2:00    A Taste Of Honey (1962 Star Club)
20.2:37    Ask Me Why (1962 Star Club)
21.1:50    Misery (BBC March-12-1963)
22.1:53    Do You Want To Know A Secret? (BBC March-12-1963)
23.1:55    Please Please Me (BBC March-12-1963)
24.3:04    Anna (Go To Him) (BBC June-25-1963)
25.1:49    There´s A Place (BBC Sep-10-1963)
26.2:28    Love Me Do (BBC Sep-10-1963)
27.1:56    A Taste Of Honey (BBC Sep-10-1963)
28.2:18    Chains (BBC Sep-17-1963)
29.2:05    Do You Want To Know A Secret? (tk 7)
30.3:48    I Saw Her Standing There (5 Times Guitar Solo Version)
31.2:16    Twist And Shout (Imagine´s Movies Short Version)

Category: rock - Discid: be10fa1f

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