(1992-08-23) 'bono breaks wind over boston' - foxb

Tracks: 13, total time: 69:22, year: 1987, genre:

brought to you by the travelling man

1.5:2818 bullet the blue sky
2.6:2719 running to stand still
3.4:4820 where the streets have no name
4.5:3221 pride (in the name of love)
5.5:0822 desire
6.5:3723 ultraviolet (light my way)
7.5:5624 with or without you
8.6:1125 love is blindness
9.3:0226 I can't help falling in love with you
10.3:2927 slow dancing
11.8:0028 southern man
12.4:4829 like a song
13.4:5630 sunday bloody sunday

Discid: rock / bc10400d

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