Amon Amarth

Hymns To The Rising Sun

Tracks: 14, total time: 67:35, year: 2010, genre: Heavy Metal

YEAR: 2010

1.4:09    Twilight Of The Thunder God
2.4:24    Guardians Of Asgaard
3.4:10    Live For The Kill
4.4:19    Varyags Of Miklagaard
5.4:33    Runes To My Memory
6.3:50    Cry Of The Black Birds
7.4:41    Hermod's Ride To Hel
8.3:05    Asator
9.4:31    Pursuit Of Vikings
10.5:58    Fate Of Norns
11.4:55    Death In Fire
12.5:47    Where Silent Gods Stand Guard
13.7:56    Victorious March
14.5:19    Children Of The Grave

Category: rock - Discid: ba0fd50e

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