ABBA B - sides 1

Tracks: 15, total time: 54:16, year: , genre: Pop

1.2:49    People need love
2.3:16    Another town, another train
3.3:22    He is your brother
4.2:58    Love isn't easy
5.3:12    Hasta manana
6.3:15    Dance (while the music still goes on)
7.3:41    I've been waiting for you
8.3:19    That's me
9.3:52    Crazy world
10.4:27    Happy Hawaii
11.4:30    Should I laugh or cry
12.3:39    Like an angel passing through my room
13.3:56    My love, my life
14.4:30    Put on your white sombrero
15.3:34    Dream world

Category: rock - Discid: ba0cb60f

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