André Algröy

Songs for all the girls and radio stations

Tracks: 16, total time: 46:43, year: 2005, genre: Rock

YEAR: 2005

1.2:33    Kryptonite for Kermit
2.2:26    Take cover
3.2:39    K for become
4.2:15    Avalanche
5.3:38    I find it easy
6.3:29    All night long
7.2:29    Tied to the cross
8.1:33    Moments standing still
9.2:50    The highest mountain
10.3:25    Time
11.3:50    Fog
12.2:57    One million miles
13.3:55    I see the raven
14.2:48    Another hungry mouth to feed
15.2:49    The wrong side of town
16.3:10    When tomorrow comes

Category: rock - Discid: b90af110

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