1068 Hell freezes over

Tracks: 14, total time: 71:09, year: 1995, genre: Rock

1.3:34    Get over it
2.4:06    Love will keep us alive
3.3:26    The girl from yesterday
4.4:31    Learn to be still
5.7:15    Hotel california
6.5:22    Wasted time
7.4:29    Pretty maids all in a row
8.5:14    I canĀ“t tell you why
9.6:40    New York minute
10.7:27    The last resort
11.4:39    Take it easy
12.4:10    In the city
13.6:04    Life in the fast lane
14.4:14    Desperado

Category: rock - Discid: b810ab0e

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