Santana, Devadip Carlos

Oneness Silver Dreams-Golden Reality

Tracks: 15, total time: 46:07, year: 1979, genre: Rock

YEAR: 1979

1.0:36The Chosen Hour
2.2:07Arise Awake
3.0:47Light Versus Darkness
4.3:30Jim Jeannie
5.3:46Transformation Day (Excerpt From Houhaness' Mysterious Mountain)
7.4:10Silver Dreams Golden Smiles
8.3:11Cry Of The Wilderness
9.3:09Guru's Song
11.5:15Life Is Just A Passing Parade
12.2:17Golden Dawn
13.3:16Free As The Morning Sun
14.1:28I Am Free (Excerpt From The Soul-Bird)
15.5:03Song For Devadip

Discid: rock / b70acd0f

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