Beach Boys

Definitive Smile, CD 2

Tracks: 15, total time: 28:10, year: , genre:

1.0:59Unknown riff
2.1:02With me tonight (early edit)
3.1:05Your're welcome (dry vocals)
4.1:39Surfs up (track)
5.6:11Can't wait too long
6.1:13Cool cool water
7.3:38Surfs up
8.0:13Dum dum dum dum
9.1:34Laughing horns
10.0:40Bicycle rider theme
11.3:53Cabinessence (track)
12.0:47Heroes & Villians (track)
13.3:33Good vibrations (stereo edit)
14.0:54Good vibrations (segment)
15.0:53Smile Radio advertisment

Discid: rock / b206980f

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