Jethro Tull

1995 I'm Just A Simple Flute Player (CD1) - Bootleg

Tracks: 14, total time: 75:48, year: 1995, genre:

Divitinies Tour 1995 2 CD

1.4:12    In A Stone Circle
2.4:07    Int Sight Of The Minaret
3.6:04    In A Black Box
4.3:01    In Grip Of Stronger Stuff
5.4:35    In Maternal Grace
6.3:33    In The Moneylenders Temple
7.5:32    In Defence of Faiths
8.6:31    At Their Fater's Knee
9.2:58    En Afrique
10.4:35    In The Olive Garden
11.3:57    In The Pay of Spain
12.9:04    In The Times of India
13.8:47    Heavy Horses
14.8:56    Aqualung

Category: rock - Discid: ae11c20e

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