Depeche Mode

# 44: Philly Strikes Back

Tracks: 13, total time: 72:33, year: 2001, genre: Electronic

1.4:52    The Dead Of Night (Excited In Philadelphia)
2.5:07    Sister Of Night (Excited In 2001)
3.5:15    Breathe (Excited In Philadelphia 2001)
4.6:46    Freelove (Excited In Philadelphia 2001)
5.5:43    Personal Jesus (Excited In Philadelphia 2001)
6.2:52    Dressed In Black (Excited In Wantagh 2001)
7.5:19    Somebody (Excited In Mannheim 2001)
8.3:12    World Full Of Nothing (Excited In Mannheim 2001)
9.7:29    World Full Of Nothing (Black Bass Mix)
10.7:58    World Full Of Nothing (Nervous Boys From Greece Dance Mix)
11.5:25    Behind The Wheel (Synthetic Pulsating Vocal Mix)
12.8:40    Blasphemous Rumours (Believe In Jesus Mix V2 Edit)
13.3:51    I Feel Loved (Excited 2002 Mix)

Category: rock - Discid: ae10ff0d

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