A tribute to iron maiden

A Call to Irons

Tracks: 11, total time: 71:59, year: 1998, genre: Metal

YEAR: 1998

1.5:28Steel Prophet / Ides of March & Purgatory
2.5:55Ancient Wisdom / Powerslave
3.4:06Vital Remains / The Trooper
4.3:28Angel Corpse / Genghis Kahn
5.7:35Solitude Aeturnus / Hallowed Be Thy Name
6.6:35New Eden / Phantom of the Opera
7.5:02Opeth / Remember Tomorrow
8.10:07Morgion / To Tame a Land
9.7:00Evoken / Strange World
10.13:04Opera IX / Rime of the Ancient Mariner
11.3:41Absu / Transylvania

Discid: rock / ae10dd0b

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