Iron Maiden

Caught Alive In U.K. (disc3)

Tracks: 11, total time: 65:07, year: 1986, genre: Heavy Metal

Iron Maiden are :
Bruce Dickinson\tvocals
Dave Murray\tlead guitar
Adrian Smith\tlead guitar
Steve Harris\tbass guitar
Nicko McBrain\tdrums

Recorded live at Apollo Theatre, Manchester, UK on October 11th, 1986

1.2:18Blade Runner Theme
2.7:17Caught Somewhere in Time
3.5:582 Minutes to Midnight
4.5:33Sea of Madness
6.4:23Children of the Damned
7.6:45Stranger in Strange Land
8.6:00Wasted Years
9.13:08Rime of the Ancient Mariner
10.4:11Guitar Solo
11.5:19Where Eages Dare

Discid: rock / a80f410b

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