The Porters

Anywhere But Home (Tales Of A Sailor's Life)

Tracks: 14, total time: 54:28, year: 2007, genre: Folk-Punk

1.3:30    The Legend Of The Lost 47 Sons
2.4:18    Lady Whiskey
3.3:56    A Leak In My Heart
4.4:11    Crying In My Beer
5.2:52    Will You Still Love Me (If I Wet The Bed)?
6.2:30    Too Many Pints Of Guinness
7.3:52    Cheating At Solitaire
8.3:23    A Ship Lost It's Way In The Fog
9.3:33    Going Nowhere
10.1:22    Rumble Regatta
11.5:06    The Wings Of A Swallow
12.2:33    We Call It Punk
13.3:29    Fiesta
14.9:56    Bantry Bay Boozer

Category: rock - Discid: a80cc20e

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