Marilyn Manson

A Pill to Make You Dumb

Tracks: 13, total time: 58:54, year: , genre: Metal

ID3G: 9

1.3:41The Not-So-Beautiful People
2.5:23Man That You Fear (Remix)
3.2:46Cryptorchild - Eclipse Of The Sun (Sqorpio Remix)
4.5:06Mister Superstar (Sqorpio Remix)
5.5:18Antichrist Superstar (Sqorpio Remix)
6.3:36The Beautiful People (Sqorpio Remix)
7.5:35The Reflecting God (Sqorpio Remix)
8.6:13The Man That You Fear (Sqorpio Remix)
9.3:49The Dope Show (Narciccictic & So Shallow Mix)
10.4:29The Last Day On Earth (Sqorpio's Apocalyptic Mix)
11.3:13Rock Is Dead (Acid Mix)
12.2:06People Who Die
13.7:40Like A Virgin

Discid: rock / a70dcc0d

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