Anatomy of Reanimation Volume 1

Tracks: 14, total time: 39:13, year: 2008, genre: Punk Rock

Horror Punk, Best of, Re-recording 2008

1.2:43    The pumpkinpatch murderers
2.1:42    She wolf
3.2:09    Pretty in a casket
4.2:42    Let's go to the cemetery
5.3:07    Hellraiser
6.3:05    Dying day
7.2:58    A hopeless night
8.1:40    These walls
9.2:43    Return to the living
10.4:42    As the ropebridge sways
11.3:17    My dying bride
12.2:54    She dominates
13.3:34    Love like blood
14.2:00    Nosferatu

Category: rock - Discid: a7092f0e

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