Duke Deluxe Edition [Expanded and Remastered] - A Rare And Unreleased Tracks Album

Tracks: 14, total time: 76:41, year: 2019, genre: Rock

1.13:32    Behind The Lines - Duchess - Guide Vocal
2.5:38    Man Of Our Times
3.3:16    Misunderstanding
4.5:00    Heathaze
5.3:46    Turn It On Again
6.3:58    Alone Tonight
7.5:06    Cul-De-Sac
8.4:04    Please Don't Ask
9.10:49    Duke's Travels - Duke's End
10.4:59    Evidence Of Autumn
11.4:06    Open Door
12.4:11    Duchess [Single]
13.3:32    Turn It On Again [US Single]
14.4:48    Turn It On Again [Recorded Live at Theatre Royal]

Category: rock - Discid: a411f70e

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