Green Day (cover tracks)

A Punk Tribute to Green Day

Tracks: 13, total time: 35:21, year: 2004, genre: Punk Rock

YEAR: 2004

1.2:32GOOD RIDDANCE - The Numb Ones
2.2:34POP ROCKS AND COKE - Flux Pop
3.1:33COMING CLEAN - The Cheats
4.3:00NICE GUYS FINISH LAST - My Other Project
5.2:30PULLING TEETH - Science Fiction Idols
6.1:33JADED - Endless
7.2:23BASKET CASE - Among All Tragedies
8.1:57SHE - Imaginary Bill
9.3:11HITCHIN' A RIDE - Spank
10.3:42WELCOME TO PARADISE - Thirty Stones
11.1:28FORMING - Germs
12.4:41HOLIDAY IN CAMBODIA - Dead Kennedys
13.4:18RACE AGAINST TIME - The Exploited

Discid: rock / a208470d

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