Cult Of Catharis

Opus Forgotten / Lord Of The Gallows / Unleash The Fury

Tracks: 12, total time: 60:34, year: 2004, genre: Metal

Split CD 1-5: Cult Of Catharsis 6-12: Opus Forgotten ID3G: 9 YEAR: 2004

1.4:53    In Times Of The Oath
2.3:48    Blade Of The Prowler
3.4:47    Enter The Mist
4.5:06    Rage And Thunder
5.7:55    Lord Of The Gallows
6.1:14    Unleash The Fury
7.5:19    The Prophecy
8.7:00    Corpse Of Divinity
9.5:27    House Of The Holy
10.5:09    Bloodfrozen Memories
11.4:07    Wish For Death
12.5:49    Demon Of Destruction

Category: rock - Discid: a00e300c

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