Songs from an American Movie, Vol. Two: Good Time for a Bad Attitude

Tracks: 12, total time: 43:00, year: , genre: Rock

ID3G: 17

1.3:53    When It All Goes Wrong Again
2.3:46    Slide
3.3:03    Babytalk
4.3:30    Rock Star
5.3:25    Short Blonde Hair
6.4:21    Misery Whip
7.2:47    Out Of My Depth
8.2:40    The Good Witch Of The North
9.3:20    Halloween Americana
10.3:21    All Fucked Up
11.4:04    Overwhelming
12.4:51    Song From An American Movie Pt.2

Category: rock - Discid: 960a120c

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