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Homeless Musics II

Tracks: 11, total time: 67:10, year: 2006, genre: Rock

YEAR: 2006

1.2:29    Watch That Precious Object (Demo, June 06)
2.4:28    Lock The Door Adrienne (Demo, June 06)
3.7:02    When We Won't Have To Make The Freezing Scene No More
4.1:03    Oh! Magic sleeps that judgement lapses knit
5.2:14    I'm Not A Poet, I'm A Dentist (Hamm Remix)
6.7:00    Improv 1 (With Saul Williams, August 05)
7.6:52    Improv 2 (With Saul Williams, August 05)
8.5:31    Improv 3 (With Saul Williams, August 05)
9.9:18    The If Works (Demo, Nov 02)
10.18:17    Protest Into Stars Remaining
11.2:57    Watch The Precious Objection (Demo, June 06)

Category: rock - Discid: 950fbc0b

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