Daft Punk

Alive 2007

Tracks: 12, total time: 74:05, year: 2007, genre: Electronic

YEAR: 2007

1.6:28    Robot Rock, Oh Yeah
2.5:30    Touch it - Busta Rhymes, Technologic
3.4:51    Television rules the nation, Crescendolls
4.7:02    Too long, Stream machine
5.5:43    Around The World, Harder Better Faster Stronger
6.7:12    Burnin', Too long
7.4:56    Face to face, Short circuit
8.6:11    One more time, Aerodynamic
9.3:32    Aerodynamic beats, Forget about the world - Gabrielle
10.10:23    Prime time of your life, Brainwasher, Rollin' and scratchin', Alive
11.6:37    Da Funk, Daftendirekt
12.5:41    Superheroes, Human after all, Rock'n Roll

Category: rock - Discid: 8b115b0c

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