The Misfits

Happy Halloween '96: May 31st, 1996 at the Water Street Music Hall - Rochester, NY

Tracks: 31, total time: 50:47, year: 1996, genre: Punk Rock

(5/31/96 at Water St. Music Hall; Rochester, NY) This soundboard recordingwas originally broadcast over the radio and has been edited.

1.0:56Universal Buzz / Universal Buzz Radio Bumper (Intro)
2.2:12Intro / Abominable Dr. Phibes / Halloween
3.2:06Horror Business
4.1:48I Turned Into A Martian
5.2:03Death Comes Ripping
6.1:30All Hell Breaks Loose
7.1:40The Hunger
8.1:26Static Age
9.1:52TV Casualty
10.1:25Hybrid Moments
11.1:40Last Caress
13.1:37Devil's Whorehouse
14.1:29Return of the Fly
15.2:10Teenagers From Mars
16.1:44Children in HEat
17.1:30Violent World
20.1:28The Haunting
21.1:5220 Eyes
22.1:48Hollywood Babylon
23.1:17Horror Hotel
24.1:11Ghouls Night Out
26.2:30London Dungeon
27.0:58Queen Wasp
30.3:03Die, Die My Darling
31.0:43Universal Buzz / Universal Buzz Radio Bumper (Outro)

Discid: rock / 880be51f

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