Moby Grape

'Long Gone' Rarities-Live Compilation D2

Tracks: 11, total time: 38:47, year: , genre:

1.5:22I am not Willing (Amsterdam 1969-02-12)
2.2:02Trucking Man (Amsterdam 1969-02-12)
3.3:41Sitting by the Window (Amsterdam 1969-02-12)
4.2:23Fall on You (Amsterdam 1969-02-12)
5.4:45Murder in the Heart for my Judge (Amsterdam 1969-02-12)
6.5:14Bob's Blues (Amsterdam 1969-02-12)
7.5:38Omaha (Amsterdam 1969-02-12)
8.2:39If you can't Learn from my Mistakes (Early Version)
9.2:00Trucking Man (Early Version)
10.2:38Ain't that a Shame (Early Version)
11.2:26Five to Eight (Early Version)

Discid: rock / 8609150b

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