Moby Grape

'Long Gone' Rarities/Live Compilation

Tracks: 9, total time: 34:39, year: , genre:

1.3:15Indifference (Monterey Pop 1967-06-16)
2.1:48Mr. Blues (Monterey Pop 1967-06-16)
3.2:52Sitting by the Window (Monterey Pop 1967-06-16)
4.2:32Omaha (Monterey Pop 1967-06-16)
5.2:02Never Again (From 'The Sweet Ride' OST 1968)
6.8:39Grape Jams (Foundation Jam, San Fran 1968)
7.4:42Murder in my Heart for the Judge (Foundation Jam, San Fran 1968)
8.5:10My Heart's Desire (Foundation Jam, San Fran 1968)
9.3:38Gypsy Wedding (Foundation Jam, San Fran 1968)

Discid: rock / 85081d09

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