1999 - [c2010 Arista] Supernatural Cd 2

Tracks: 11, total time: 62:43, year: 1999, genre: Pop/Rock*

1.5:09Santana / Bacalao Con Pan
2.4:42Santana / Angel Love [Come For Me]
3.4:02Rain Down On Me [Feat. Dave Matthews & Carter Beauford]
4.8:50Corazon Espinado [Spanish Dance Remix] [Feat. Mana]
5.5:20Santana / One Fine Morning
6.6:10Santana / Exodus / Get Up Stand Up
7.4:18Santana / Ya Yo Me Cure
8.8:40Maria Maria [Pumpin' Dolls Club Mix] [Feat. The Product G & B]
9.4:57Santana / Smooth
10.4:30The Calling Jam [Feat. Eric Clapton]
11.6:08Santana / Olympic Festival

Discid: rock / 840eb10b

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