Frankie goes to Hollywood

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Tracks: 9, total time: 79:00, year: 1994, genre: Pop

1.7:25    relax (New York mix)
2.6:28    relax (Ollie J mix)
3.7:50    relax (Jam & Spoon trip-o-matic fairy tale mix)
4.7:57    two tribes (carnage mix)
5.5:16    two tribes (intermission legend mix)
6.9:41    welcome to the pleasuredome (pleasurefix mix)
7.14:38    welcome to the pleasuredome (brothers in rhythm rollercoastermix)
8.10:05    rage hard (young person's guide into the 12 inch mix)
9.9:41    warriors of the wasteland (twelve wild disciples mix)

Category: rock - Discid: 82128209

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