DJ Whiteowl Presents Eminem

All Eyes On Me

Tracks: 27, total time: 76:53, year: 2013, genre: Rap

1.2:31It was just a dream
2.0:48The shit is real
3.0:53Im a big deal
4.1:34Respect me
5.0:57Dope friend
6.2:46Rock the bells
7.2:28Got u slippin'
8.2:28Mic friend
10.3:30Bill 11
11.3:38Hell break loose (feat Dr Dre)
12.3:51Droppin' bombs
13.4:09The underground
14.3:18Warning shots
15.5:15My darling
16.4:21Deja vu
18.3:46We made you remix
19.4:07My ball
20.3:39Hate me again
21.1:25Chemical warfare
22.4:313 am 23
23.1:29Psycho (feat 50 Cent)
24.3:21Be careful 25
25.4:13Music box
26.1:17Forever (verse)
27.2:00Drop the world (verse)

Discid: rock / 7912031b

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