Various Artists

"Revel Without A Pause"

Tracks: 26, total time: 69:04, year: 2013, genre: WFMU Marathon Premium

1.3:08Kim Fowley / In My Garage
2.2:34The Blues Project / Back Door Man
3.3:22The CHUD / Leather Room
4.2:45Glen Bland / Mean Gene
5.2:25Bad Religion / Turn Your Back on Me
6.2:01The Village Outcast / The Girl I Used to Love
7.2:59The Booze / The Next Train
8.2:41Billy Barton / Wanted Man
9.2:42The Coral / Bill McCai
10.2:37The Bad Seeds / Sick and Tired
11.2:53Amsterdam / Takin' On the World
12.2:14Sonny Day / Beyond the Shadow of a Doubt
13.3:13999 / Don't You Know I Need You
14.2:30Randy & The Rainbows / I'll Forget Her Tomorrow
15.2:33The Charms / I Want You Back
16.2:14Billy Taylor & The Tear Drops / Wombie Zombie
17.3:04The Flys / Night Creatures
18.2:39The Odds and Ends / Be Happy Baby
19.3:24The Flight Reaction / Don't Wanna Say Goodbye
20.2:18Lenny Dean & The Rockin' Chairs / Memories of Love
21.2:32The Brixton Riot / Keep It Like a Secret
22.2:31The Bucaneer's / I'm a Fool
23.2:04The Time Beings / Theme from Exodus
24.2:20The Avantes / Baby Go
25.3:13Parov Sister / Booty Swing
26.2:18Jason & The Strap-Tones / I Found the Brains of Santa Claus

Discid: rock / 76102e1a

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