Black Sabbath

1975-08-05: Convention Hall, Asbury Park, NJ, USA

Tracks: 8, total time: 58:58, year: 2001, genre: hard rock

1.20:22Sabbra Cadabra / [jam] / [guitar solo] / [jam II] / [guitar solo II] / Sometimes I'm Happy / [drum solo]
2.2:20Supernaut / [drum solo II]
3.6:17Iron Man / [jam III]
4.8:47Orchid / Rock 'n' Roll Doctor (jam version) / [guitar solo III] / Don't Start (Too Late)
5.6:48Black Sabbath
6.4:34Spiral Architect
7.5:41Embryo / Children of the Grave

Discid: rock / 760dd008

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