Der schwarze Schmetterling 8

Tracks: 9, total time: 46:06, year: 2011, genre: Gothic Rock

YEAR: 2011

1.4:47Ich will brennen (Supernova Edit)
2.6:25Lykanthropie (Monozelle Remix)
3.4:15Shwe whore shadows (Live)
4.6:38Schwarzer Schmetterling (Live & Unpluged)
5.5:37Beschwörung (Gottfried-Bisol-Remix by Heimaterde)
6.4:31Geisterjagd (Wandler Remix)
7.5:31Me (Kartagon + DJ Francois Mix)
8.4:09Werben (Seelenzorn-Remix)

Discid: rock / 750acc09

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