..And Justice For All

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1.6:43    Blackened
blackened is the end\r
winter it will send\r
throwing all yousee\r
into obscurity\r
death of mother earth\r
never arebirth\r
never will it mend\r
to begin whipping danceof the dead\r
blackened is theend\r
to begin whipping dance ofthe dead\r
color our worldblackened\r
blistering of earth\r
terminate its worth\r
kills what might have been\r
callous frigidchill\r
nothing left to kill\r
never seenbefore\r
2.9:46    ...And Justice For All
halls of justice painted green\r
money talking\r
power wolvesbesetyour door\r
hear them stalking\r
soon you'll please theirappetite\r
they devour\r
hammer of justice crushesyou\r
the ultimate in vanity\r
exploiting theirsupremacy\r
i can't believe thethings you say\r
i can'tbelieve\r
i can't believe the price you pay \r
nothing can saveyou\r
justice is lost\r
justice is raped\r
justiceis gone\r
pulling your strings\r
justice is done\r
seeking no tru
3.6:26    Eye of the Beholder
4.7:24    One
5.6:35    The Shortest Straw
6.5:46    Harvester of Sorrow
7.7:44    The Frayed Ends of Sanity
8.9:49    To Live is to Die
9.5:12    Dyers Eve

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