The Mr. T Experience

...And The Women Who Love Them (Special Addition)

Tracks: 25, total time: 64:16, year: , genre:

1.3:28Tapin' Up My Heart
2.2:26My Stupid Life
3.2:58I Believe In You
4.2:58All My Promises
5.2:10Checkers Speech
6.3:00We Hate All The Same Things
7.2:47Now That You Are Gone
8.2:37How'd The Date End
9.2:20Alternative Is Here To Stay
10.1:52You Today
11.1:22New Girlfriend
12.1:45Yeah, Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
13.3:16Unpack Your Adjectives
14.3:05Sackcloth And Ashes (DEMO)
16.3:41Is There Something I Should Know?
17.2:37We Are The Future People of Tomorrow
18.1:37Whistle Bait
20.2:29Another Yesterday (DEMO)
21.2:21You Alone
22.2:42Don't Go Breaking My Heart
23.1:52As Life Goes On, You Get More Out Of It
24.2:43King Dork
25.3:49I Was Losing You All Along

Discid: rock / 680f0e19

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