After The Beatles - Collection Of Solo Rare Trax (Disc 1)

Tracks: 25, total time: 60:32, year: 1997, genre: Rock

1.4:13    The New York City Hippie
2.0:33    The Luck Of The Irish [Demo. Live. Nov 1971. John Lennon & Yoko Ono]
3.3:43    The Balld Of New York City [TV. John Lennon & Yoko Ono]
4.3:40    Here We Go Again [Take 2. John Lennon]
5.4:10    Medley (She Runs Them Around In Circle - Gone From This Place)
6.1:09    Zoo Gang
7.1:09    Wide Prairie [Paul & Linda McCartney. Poor quality]
8.1:11    Sally G [Paul McCartney. Poor quality]
9.2:21    Bridge Over The River Suite [Paul McCartney. Poor quality]
10.1:28    Send Me The Heart [Paul McCartney. Poor quality]
11.1:12    Junior's Farm [Paul McCartney. Poor quality]
12.1:16    Walking In The Park With Eloise [Paul McCartney. Poor quality]
13.1:14    Hey Diddle [Paul McCartney. Poor quality]
14.0:35    Zoo Gang [Short Version. Poor quality with a piece of "Junior's Farm" at the end]
15.3:50    Mull Of Kintyre [TV. Live. Paul McCartney & Wings]
16.0:25    Juggler (The MPL Theme)
17.3:33    Hope Of Deliverance [TV. Live]
18.4:04    Michelle [TV. Live]
19.3:58    Biker Like An Icon [TV. Live]
20.0:58    Instrumental Jam
21.5:35    Hey Jude [Live]
22.1:33    Ferry 'Cross The Mersey [Interview with a short beginning of"Ferry 'Cross The Mersey"]
23.4:16    Drive My Car
24.0:25    Flaming Pie
25.4:10    Somedays

Category: rock - Discid: 640e2e19

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