Seven Lives Many Faces

Tracks: 24, total time: 56:47, year: 2009, genre: Pop

YEAR: 2009

2.4:26Seven Lives
4.5:20The same Parents
5.3:24Fata Morgana (Instrumental)
6.3:52Hell's Heaven (Instrumental)
7.3:29La Puerta del Cielo
8.4:12Distorted Love
9.4:19Je T'aime Till My Dying Day
10.2:57Déjà Vu (Instrumental)
11.4:32Between Generations
12.4:21The Language of Sound (Instrumental)
13.0:46comment Album
14.0:41comment Track 2
15.0:39comment Track 3
16.0:55comment Track 4
17.0:44comment Track 5
18.0:32comment Track 6
19.1:00comment Track 7
20.1:00comment Track 8
21.0:40comment Track 9
22.0:40comment Track 10
23.0:53comment Track 11
24.0:43comment Track 12

Discid: rock / 630d4d18

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