Refracted! the Making of Afraid of Sunlight (Disc 2: Writing Sessions)

Tracks: 27, total time: 34:14, year: , genre: Rock

1.1:04Gazpacho Mid-8
2.0:23Gazpacho Shuffle
3.1:30Heavy Groove Gazpacho
4.0:35Gazpacho Guitar
5.1:32Gazpacho Chorus
6.0:42Big Soul Surf Babe
7.0:38X-Ray Surf Babe
8.2:55Jangly Surf Babe
9.1:09Beautiful Piano
10.0:30Aos Cabaret
11.4:37Out of This World Original End
12.2:28Out of This World Actual End
13.1:31Pulse Beyond You
14.0:41Beyond You Piano Version
15.1:00Beyond Blade Runner
16.0:21Beyond the 80's
17.1:36Beyond the Stones
18.1:17Beautifully Disturbing
19.1:18Latin Aos
20.0:39Work on Aos
21.1:34More Aos
22.1:04The Electronix King
23.0:26Heavy King
24.1:02Hendrix King
25.0:48Funkadelic King
26.2:26Talking Kings
27.0:37Hero King

Discid: rock / 6308041b

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